We offer a diverse toolkit of solutions to help businesses like yours thrive! From collaborative, customizable workshops to assessments that can streamline your hiring process, we have many resources that can help you grow and make life easier for you and your employees.

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11 Reasons To Hire A Veteran

Veterans can be a wonderful asset to your workforce. Read more to learn more about how their talent can boost your business. DOWNLOAD

Prove It! Assessment Tool

This assessment tool measures the abilities of your employees and job applicants through artistic, scientific, and technological testing that can streamline your hiring and promotion processes. DOWNLOAD

Work Opportunity Tax Credit

This tax credit offers compensation to your business for hiring a diverse talent pool and giving them the opportunity to work with your business. DOWNLOAD



Professional Development Workshops

We offer 5 professional development workshops to help you and your employees grow professionally at little to no cost to your business! DOWNLOAD

5 Minute Countdown Series

This free online tool allows you and your employees to access 5-minute lessons about important business skills to help you develop and grow in your career. DOWNLOAD

Professional Development Training Grant

This grant allows businesses to be reimbursed for up to 50% of costs associated with providing skills upgrade training to their employees. DOWNLOAD



On-the-Job Training Grant

This grant allows businesses to be reimbursed for 50% to 75% of the wages paid for training new hires. DOWNLOAD

Work Experience Work Site Expectations

Learn about the expectations and requirements for being a work site for our work experience programs. DOWNLOAD

Short Time Compensation Program for Employers

This program offers solutions to help your employees in a time of slow business, off-season, or potential layoff. DOWNLOAD




We offer supplemental assistance to businesses including office and conference room space, event promotion, and professional development workshops!



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