Power Hour Lunch & Learn Events

Join our team at our quarterly professional development sessions, or Power Hours. At these free luncheons, we host local business experts as they share the latest trends and tools that your team needs to know to recruit, train, and retain local talent. Sign up for our business newsletter or view our calendar for upcoming dates. These luncheons are sponsored by First Commerce Credit Union.

Professional Development Workshops

We offer low to no-cost professional development workshops to help you train your team on topics such as customer service, conflict management, workplace etiquette, time management, and effective communication.

Professional Development Training Grant

The Professional Development Training Grant reimburses employers for up to 50% of their direct training costs related to providing skills upgrade training to their current employees.

On-the-Job Training Grant

Our On-the-Job Training (OJT) grant provides an opportunity for your business to be reimbursed  50% to 75% of the wages of your new hires while they are receiving the training needed to perform their job duties.

Work Experience Programs

Ask our staff about becoming a work site for our work experience programs. We provide the talent and the salary. You provide the work experience.

Apprenticeship Programs

Considering starting an apprenticeship program at your business? Contact our team to get access to state and local resources.

Contact our team to get started.



Incumbent Worker Training

Incumbent Worker Training grants provide funding for continuing education and training of current employees at existing Florida businesses. 

Quick Response Training

Quick Response Training grants provide funding for customized training to new or expanding businesses.

Apply online for these grants through our statewide partner CareerSource Florida. You can also contact our team for assistance with navigating the application process.