What is the Eligible Training Provider List?

The Eligible Training Provider List outlines training programs that are pre-approved for career seekers who are eligible to receive financial aid from CareerSource Capital Region.

Is My Training Program Eligible?

Your training program may be eligible if it meets the criteria listed below:

  • The program(s) offered must provide training for a statewide or local targeted occupation. Review CareerSource Capital Region’s Regional Targeted Occupations List as well as the Targeted Occupations List for programs that provide training for a statewide occupation.
  • The occupation’s entry wage should be greater than or equal to the region’s Lower Living Standard Income Level (LLSIL). Occupations with an entry wage lower than the region’s LLSIL may still be considered for career seekers enrolled in Welfare Transition or Dynamic Futures programs.
  • The occupation must not be in decline.
  • There must be a talent supply gap that is addressed by the occupation or training.

Apply to Become an Approved Training Provider

Before you can submit programs to be considered for our Eligible Training Provider List, you must apply to become an approved training provider.

Initial Eligibility for Training Providers:

Training providers who are not currently eligible must complete the steps below to be considered:

If approved, the provider and program will be added to CareerSource Capital Region’s Eligible Training Providers List. Training providers approved for Initial Eligibility are approved for a term of 1 year, after which they must seek Continued Eligibility.

Continued Eligibility for Training Providers

All eligible training providers must submit applications for “Continued Eligibility” every 2 years to maintain their eligibility. Applications for “Continued Eligibility” must be submitted 3 months before eligibility expires. Training providers will be notified when it is time to re-certify their eligibility.

To maintain eligibility to provide approved training, training providers must:

  • Continue to be authorized under Florida Law to provide training programs
  • Supply student-based information to FETPIP on an annual basis
  • Meet state and/or local performance criteria, as applicable
  • Submit a Training Program Application for each program currently approved on CareerSource Capital Region’s Eligible Training Provider List.
  • If approved, the provider and program will continue to remain on the Eligible Training Provider List.

How to Submit New Programs

Training providers who are currently approved by CareerSource Capital Region can submit additional programs by completing a Training Program Application for each program. The programs must meet the requirements listed above in order to be recommended for approval.

Contact our team online or call (850) 414-6085 to request more information about this process or to inquire about your training provider application or program submission.