Target Industry Sectors

In the Capital Region, we connect career seekers to opportunities and employers to talent based on in-demand industry sectors. Each career seeker and business is assigned to staff who specialize in these industry sectors. Learn more about our region's in-demand sectors at the links below:


Regional Profile

Leon County

With a highly educated workforce, thriving high-tech presence and world-renowned research institutions, Tallahassee and the surrounding region offer unique advantages that accommodate and encourage long-term business growth. The benefits inherent in being the capital city of the country’s fourth-most-populous state serve as a springboard for collaborations between education, government, and business that turn good ideas into profitable ventures.

Great companies need great people, and Tallahassee boasts a highly educated workforce that is evolving with the changing needs of its targeted industry sectors. From our “A”-rated public school system to our high-tech training centers and university-based research institutes, this region is equipping the workforce of tomorrow through innovative programs that provide skills that give our residents high-wage jobs in businesses looking for talented workers to thrive and grow.

With its foundation of world-class talent, innovation, competitive business climate, multi-modal infrastructure and sustainable growth, Tallahassee and the surrounding area are well-positioned to build on the region’s unsurpassed quality of life and leading role as the state’s capital city.

Gadsden County

Gadsden County businesses enjoy a strong local labor force of almost 17,000. With Tallahassee, Florida and Thomasville and Bainbridge, Georgia less than an hour’s drive away, that workforce swells to more than 260,000. These workers are ready with the skills your business needs. Gadsden County Schools are passionately committed to preparing their students for demanding jobs with programs in culinary arts, digital and multimedia and engineering, to name a few. These and other vocational programs put Gadsden County students ahead of the curve by giving them the skills they need to succeed and helping them earn important industry certifications. For example, students in the Engineering Pathways Program learn about the instruments, tools, and machines as well as the processes and systems used in business and industry. They get the hands-on experience needed to earn National Instrument Autodesk Certified User – AutoCAD and other technical certifications while still in school. These are just a few of the ways that Gadsden County is building a strong workforce for your business.  Students in these programs graduate career-ready and eager to put their skills to work.

Many Gadsden County graduates continue their education at colleges, universities, and other adult education programs throughout the region. More than 34% of Gadsden County residents have completed post-secondary education from programs including: Science, technology, and math (STEM), Computer Numeric Control (CNC) programming and operation, Engineering and robotics, Advanced materials, Industrial production and welding, Hospitality and retail sales, Truck driving and logistics, and Homeland Defense. Programs like these promise a workforce well prepared to meet the demands of any business from manufacturing and distribution and food production industries to tourism, retail, and others that directly serve consumers. 

Wakulla County

The best-kept secret of Florida's capital region, Wakulla County is the ideal location for business. With convenient access to Interstate 10, the Tallahassee Regional Airport and the deepwater port at St. Marks, Wakulla County has the infrastructure and location that businesses need to thrive. Wakulla County also offers quality residential developments for employees and an array of outdoor amenities.


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