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I’m an Employer

I’m an Employer

CareerSource Capital Region recognizes the challenges that public and private organizations face every day.

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OFFICES CLOSED - Thanksgiving Holiday

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Business & Employer Solutions

CareerSource Capital Region recognizes the challenges that organizations face every day. The Business & Employer Solutions team gives employers access to local and statewide workforce solutions in one location, at no cost to you.

Our team meets with local chambers of commerce, economic development organizations, educational institutions and business/professional associations to evaluate employer needs and respond with strategic workforce solutions.



Employer Solutions and Tools

Talent Sourcing

  • Job Postings - Post available position(s) on Employ Florida (www.employflorida.com). 
  • Applicant Screening - Assistance in obtaining suitable candidates for employers to review based on hiring criteria.
  • Specialized Recruitment - Assists businesses seeking qualified candidates with facility usage, the option of candidate pre-screening and pipeline development are available.

Retention Strategies

  • Assessments - Pre-employment tool that assesses job skills and work habits to help identify the most talented candidates. Skills and behavioral assessments are available for clerical, software, technical, call center, industrial, financial, legal, medical and more.
  • Marketing Tools - Gain access through a partnership to marketing tools such as advertising on the web, radio, e-mail blasts and “Hot Jobs” postings.

Employee Development

  • Professional Development Training - Select from an existing curriculum that communicates and teaches employees the necessary techniques and skills needed in the workplace; can be customized for new or existing employees.
  • Workforce Planning - Assistance in developing a layoff strategy to ensure that accurate communication, notification, information and outplacement assistance is provided to affected employees.
  • Onboarding Assistance - Assistance with job descriptions, handbook, etc. for new and expanding employers.

Labor Market Analysis

  • Labor Market Information - Obtain detailed information about jobs, wages, trends, occupations and specific industries.

Business Incentives

  • Employed Worker Training (EWT) - Grant program that reimburses selected businesses up to 50% of direct training costs related to providing skills upgrade training to their current employees, including new hires.
  • On-the-Job Training (OJT) - Provides an opportunity for employers to be reimbursed 50-75% of wages of their new hires.
  • Incumbent Worker Training (IWT) - State administered grant program that provides for skill-upgrade training for existing employees in businesses for the purpose of maintaining competitiveness and retaining Florida’s businesses.
  • Florida Flex - State administered program that provides funding to selected businesses to train their new, full-time employees. A business pays for pre-approved, direct training-related costs, and is reimbursed by the State of Florida upon submission and approval of required documentation
  • Work Opportunity Tax Credits (WOTC) - Federal Income Tax Credits that provide incentives to employers to encourage the hiring of Veterans.


We have a Solution for You!

Contact the CareerSource Capital Region Business and Employer Solutions Team today at (850) 413-0315 or cbes@careersourcecapitalregion.com. For Job Postings, complete the Job Posting Form and a member of the Business & Employer Solutions Team will be in contact with you.

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